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The Meeting Estimator is your perfect sales assistant. Capture meeting planners’ attention 24 hours a day. And price meetings for them in minutes—at higher average rates for you. Every lead is a pre-priced meeting request submitted by a planner directly to your property. You get leads with a proven 24% conversion rate.

The Meeting Estimator is a service that boosts your meeting sales. You book more meetings with the service that has delivered tens of millions of dollars of pre-priced meeting estimates to properties around the country.

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Meeting Estimator: Busy Meeting Planners send you pre-priced meeting requests in minutes
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How We Work

  • 1 You receive your own Meeting Estimator.
  • 2 We help you customize your Meeting Estimator with photos, descriptions and price estimates for your property.
  • 3 Your completed Estimator is published on the American Express Meeting Guide for meeting planners to submit requests.
  • 4You post a link promoting the instant quote service on your web site and other directories.
  • 5 You pay a low monthly subscription fee.
  • 6 The Meeting Estimator emails you the highest quality leads twenty-four hours a day.


Your Own Meeting Estimator

Get leads, and build lasting relationships with planners. Meeting planners instantly estimate and submit pre-priced meeting requests. Here’s how...

1. Planners enter their meeting information.
meeting estimator leads

Providing price estimates to planners 24/7 gives them the opportunity to envision their meeting at your property.

Many properties find leads arriving late at night and over the weekend. Other hotels aren’t even getting the chance to return the call. If the planner can get info without a call or RFP—they win and so do you.

2. Planners submit their requests to you by email.
meeting estimator leads

The entire pre-priced meeting request is sent to you by email with all contact information. A copy is emailed to the meeting planner for reference.

You know the approximate budget and meeting parameters before you ever speak to the client. You can quickly confirm availability, offer incentives, and lock in their meeting.

3. You review your leads and confirm availability.
meeting estimator leads

Planner who use the Meeting Estimator have invested their time and attention in your property, before you even know who they are.

These are not mass-produced leads. These are pre-priced requests directly from interested clients. You can focus your attention on leads that you know will convert to paid meetings.

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It’s a simple service with today’s meeting planner in mind. Get started today and start receiving your own pre-priced meeting requests right away.


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