Greystone Hotel Marketing Group provides powerful online directory technology to the hospitality industry. Trust the company trusted by American Express to power your hotel search directory.

Greystone provides up-to-the-minute technology to CVBs, hotel brands and international hotel groups. And we provide all the training, support and robust hosting service you need for a complete, turn-key solution. Get hotel information updates 24/7, and provide a critical service that makes your organization invaluable.


Custom Search Tools: The industry's most advanced search technology gets your family of properties found and booked.
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How We Work

  • 1 You receive a custom directory tailored to the group of hotels you want to promote.
  • 2 We provide each hotel with tools and training to easily input and update property information.
  • 3 You receive reliable hosting and support for a solution package you can trust.
  • 4Customers quickly find the hotel information they want, and the leads hotels receive track right back to you.


Your Own Directory of Hotels

Today’s meeting planner is looking for lots of information - quickly. Hotels that deliver get the business and keep it. Your own custom search directory delivers leads 24/7 to your family of properties. Here’s how...

1. Planners enter meeting specifications.
search directory
  • Search by:
  • Metropolitan Area
  • City and State
  • Property Name
  • Property Type
  • Property Location
  • Number of Guest Rooms
  • Minimum Meeting Space
  • Minimum Meeting Rooms
  • Specific Brand
  • Specific Chain
  • Star Rating
  • Special Offers
  • Any Custom Field
2. Planners receive list of qualified hotels.
search directory
  • Filter Results By:
  • Featured Properties
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Each Search Parameter
  • Advertising Properties
  • Enhanced Listings
  • Last Updated Date
  • Most Complete Info
  • Any Custom Criteria
3. Planners review property details.
search directory
  • Feature Hotel Info:
  • Amenities
  • Map and Directions
  • Meeting Services
  • Each Meeting Space
  • Various Space Set Ups
  • Photographs
  • Promotional Packages
  • Location and Phone
  • Contact Email
  • Web Address
  • Instant Meeting Estimates
  • Submit RFP link

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Make sure your family of properties knows you’re working for them. Send them great leads that track directly back to you.