You've got a sales department, but who's in your marketing department? Where's the team that takes the long view, finds trends, targets new markets, and follows through right away with professional print collateral and online tools?

If you've got a brand on your hotel, then you're already paying a marketing team to deliver about 30% of your rooms. Transients and walk-ins can get you halfway there in good times. But who's responsible for the other 50%? The half where all the profit is?

That's the 50% that comes from marketing your hotel as a unique property in a unique location. And that's where Greystone makes the difference for you. We're your marketing team, and we're ready to deliver the business to your sales department.

Filling Rooms

Smart Marketing: Gets the lights turned on in every room. Support your sales with print and online marketing.

Web site Development

Hotel online marketing has become a key factor in overall business success. It takes consistent effort at smart search engine optimization and nuanced use of new media opportunities to keep the attention of today's savvy web consumer. We bring you a tested approach that finds customers when they're looking, and works hard to capture their loyalty for you.

Each property is unique. We bring years of hotel experience to pinpointing the best overall marketing strategy for your location, and carrying that message through all your communication tools.
Greystone's web marketing designs
You get custom web tools that work with your brand to complement your strengths. Extend your reach with third-party web sites, social networking tools and continuous search engine optimization.
You receive everything you need to make the sale, from designing custom sales materials to developing room packages and targeted promotions. Greystone partners with you to deliver the business.

Print collateral

Print materials are here to stay. In fact, their importance has only increased in helping you cut through the clutter and reach guests. Deliver a consistent message with a complete set of print collateral materials. A great print marketing program becomes more and more effective the more committed you are to following it faithfully over time. Let Greystone deliver results to you by updating your identity marketing, postcards, tri-fold brochures, rack cards, signage, sales sheets and other innovative formats that get attention.

  • Postcards: Standard 6" x 4", Half-sheet 8.5" x 5.5", 4-color, designed, labeled and mailed.
  • Tri-fold Mailer: 8½" X 11" 4-color, folded, mailing brochure, designed, labeled and mailed.
  • Two-Sided Rack Card: 9" x 4" 4-color, gloss, promotional card, designed, labeled and mailed.
  • Sales One-Sheets: 8½" X 11" 4-color, designed and delivered.
  • Business Cards: Standard 2.2" x 3.6", Folded 4.2" x 3.6", 4-color, designed and delivered.
What gives your customers a sense of place? (Hint: it's not your brand.) Are you near a theme park, beach, airport, convention center, downtown? We work with you to establish a clear identity that works with your brand and communicates your key attributes at a glance.
Upgrade the quality of your communications with coordinated materials. Help your sales department succeed. Customizable sales sheets, postcard promotions, identity graphics, rack cards, tri-fold mailers, signage - Greystone does it with style.
Greystone works hard to make it easy for you. Communicate your unique selling points to drive home a consistent message that delivers results. The best print marketing commands attention and encourages prompt action.

Mailing Lists

Greystone has access to 150,000 meeting planner email and mailing addresses, as well as targeted lists for specific categories like golf, corporate and medical. Greystone also maintains the definitive list of hotels and convention centers in the United States. Let us work with you to identify the highest quality targets for your next email or mailing program. Deliver your message to:

  • Association Meeting and Event Planners, US 13K
  • State & Regional Association Meeting Planners, US 5K
  • Corporate Meeting and Event Planners, US 15K
  • Medical Meeting and Event Planners, US 12K
  • Greystone Hotel & Travel Professionals, US & Global 10K
  • Greystone Golf Marketing Professionals, US 23k
  • Greystone Hotel Food & Beverage Executives, US 52K
  • Greystone CVB List, US 600
  • Greystone Historic Hotels, US 225
  • high-quality active professional planners 48K
  • Meeting Planner International members 7K
  • ASAE Association planners and decision makers 1500


Let Greystone develop and promote your seasonal, monthly and ongoing packages. We develop comprehensive seasonal promotions and customize property packages. Then we put your promotional packages to work by featuring them on your web site and promoting them by email to your customer list. Tired of generic brand offers and the same old "add on breakfast" packages? Then your customers probably are too. Let us craft promotions that take advantage of your property's strengths to leave a lasting impression.

Press Releases

The best marketing value. Take advantage of the multiplier effect of keeping your property mentioned regularly in local media. Every hotel has newsworthy events going on throughout the year. Are you taking full advantage of the events you are already involved in? As publishing experts, Greystone has delivered hundreds of articles to the consumer and trade press for clients. Make a committment to promote everything you do with press releases and ongoing media outreach. It's the very best investment you can make.

Trade Shows

Greystone will work out the most effective and efficient trade show effort within your budget guidelines. You can rest easy, knowing we'll negotiate booth space, order your booth, take advantage of specials and promotional opportunities, meet deadlines, initiate pre-show press, even staff your booth with trained sales people. Greystone delivers exposure at trade shows in a cost effective program. You can judge us by the leads that we provide and the follow-up communications with prospects.

National Advertising

Ever wonder how some properties can afford to run ads everywhere? Simple. They have an agency purchasing and, more importantly, negotiating for excellent rates on the most productive publications, guides and web sites. You'll never know what's possible until you do.

The team at Greystone has extensive experience developing effective ad programs, negotiating for exceptional rates and integrating the advertising program into the overall marketing effort of the property. Promote your packages in special travel supplements in the nation's leading Sunday newspapers. Find out if national advertising makes sense for your property.

Group Sales

If there's one area where your marketing dollars return the biggest dividends, it's investing in group sales. Imagine what one more meeting a week would mean to your bottom line this year. That's what a consistent marketing strategy will deliver.

Greystone's team targets the most effective marketing and advertising opportunities for your meeting and event facilities. There are dozens of online guides and print directories you need to know about. And there are inexpensive steps you can take right now to get meeting business right in your local community. Keep your sales department busy with leads with Greystone's group sales program.