Travel Industry Expertise
Our management team is noted for the breadth and depth of its understanding of the travel industry. Greystone offers insider understanding of hotel operations, industry leaders and the innovative opportunities available to promote products and services in the travel sector.

Travel Technology Solutions
Greystone provides custom, web-based solutions to management groups, marketing associations, state tourism organizations, independent hotels, major hotel brands, and American Express. Greystone search technology powers industry-leading sites, with principals specializing in electronic publishing and the latest in technology-driven media.

Leaders in Group Sales
Greystone developed the patented Meeting Estimator technology, and its partners are the national authorities on catering, food and beverage in travel, producing the leading publication for hotel catering in the U.S.

Custom Hotel Marketing
Greystone brings top-level industry expertise to the unique challenges and opportunities of travel organizations of every size and budget. Custom solutions meet the specific needs of individual hotels, convention and visitor bureaus, and large tourism organizations. Our comprehensive marketing approach solves each challenge and produces effective marketing programs that accomplish the goals of each client—on time and on budget.

Fast, Friendly, Profitable
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Your Greystone Team

Larry Wilhelm
President and Chief Executive Officer

A publisher, software developer and communications specialist in the hotel industry for the past twenty years, Larry Wilhelm established the Greystone Group in 2002 to provide marketing programs for hotels and travel organizations.

He has drawn on his experience from a career in marketing communications with legendary book publishers Viking-Penguin and William Morrow, The New York Times National Edition, and as Publisher of LODGING Magazine for the American Hotel & Lodging Association, in Washington, DC to provide innovative marketing programs for leading hotel and travel organizations, including the American Express Meetings & Events Planning Guide, the Hotel Meeting Directory, and the Instant Meeting Estimator.

For a decade he worked closely with industry leaders and promote solutions as the industry adapted to the profound impact of computerization and the Internet. In 1993 he initiated HITIS, the Hotel Industry Technology Information Standards consortium, leading to the first online Internet reservation transaction, and IMAT, the Information Management & Technology consortium for the National Home Care Association. He has assisted in the development and marketing of hundreds of products and services and promoted solutions to many of the travel industries most pressing challenges at dozens of industry conferences. He has authored travel guidebooks, published Lodging Leaders, and American Lodging Excellence, The Key to Best Practices in the US Lodging Industry with Cornell and American Express in 1999. He also co-founded the Hotel Food & Beverage consortium and Hotel Food & Beverage Executive magazine.

In 2002, Wilhelm organized the Greystone Group, to provide marketing programs and innovative web sites for national brands and independent hotels. He became President and CEO of Greystone Marketing Group, LLC in 2005, expanding consulting services to hotel management companies and travel industry suppliers. Recently developed programs include the American Express Meetings & Events Planning Guide, HotelMeetingDirectory.com, and the online MeetingEstimator. USMeetinghotels.com and the www.HotLink Red circle to elMeetingDirectory.com.

Office, Annapolis, MD
Larry Walters
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Walters is the President and CEO of Hotels Forums, publisher of Hotel Food & Beverage magazine and a hotel meeting and catering research organization. Over the past ten years Mr. Walters has played a key role in development and promotion of new products and services for the hospitality industry, conducting industry research in the meetings and catering segment and raising venture capital for hospitality suppliers. Prior to joining Greystone, Mr. Walters held senior marketing positions with the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturer, Procter & Gamble.

Office, Chicago, IL
John Paul Boukis
Vice President, Business Development

His career in hospitality marketing started at the American Hotel & Lodging Association in 1997 as business manager of LODGING magazine, John Paul Boukis is a hospitality marketing consultant and founding associate of Greystone Marketing. His programming and design unit has created winning web sites and comprehensive marketing materials for clients from branded properties (Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn , Clarion) to unique independents (Errol Estate Resort, Clearwater Grand Hotel).

A founding editor of HOTEL F&B EXECUTIVE MAGAZINE and owner of Write Off The Page design, Mr. Boukis has hundreds of articles and thousands of designs in print and online. He coordinated the opening party for the hospitality industry on Times Square for the International Hotel Motel Restaurant Show (IHMRS) and developed group sales tool WeddingEstimator.com for Greystone.

Office, Tampa, FL
Jed Lewis
Technology Operations Officer

Jed Lewis is an entrepreneur and software architect with twenty years of experience. Mr. Lewis takes a hands-on approach and brings focused excellence and creativity to developing products and solutions.

Prior to working with Greystone, Mr. Lewis served as an IT Officer with Design Trust, where he became deeply involved with content management platforms. Unsatisfied with proprietary solutions lacking features and flexibility, Mr. Lewis developed his own content management platform, jedcms. Today, jedcms is used globally by more than two-hundred clients, including American Express and Citibank.

In 1999, Jed founded Streambase Networks, a firm specializing in rapid e-commerce solution development. Streambase Networks has developed high-traffic, client facing solutions for both large and small business clients, including American Express and Citigroup. Originally founded in Connecticut, and later re-located to Maui, Streambase Networks also hosts many of its client web sites in a unique Tier 1 data center located in greater Boston. The facility generates 100% of its electrical supply using wind power technology, allowing environmentally conscious clients to place a "100% Green" label on their web sites.

In addition to his work with Greystone and Streambase Networks, Mr. Lewis is also a partner at Research Focus, an alternative and renewable energies development firm. Mr. Lewis is fiercely committed to decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and improving quality of life. A noted philanthropist and conversationalist, Mr. Lewis is an active member of multiple civic groups, including the Sierra Club. Mr. Lewis regularly donates time and resources to promoting environmental awareness.

Office, Maui, HI
Chris Halbig
Technology Associate

Chris Halbig is a Tampa-based programmer and Greystone associate specializing in PHP, MySQL, Javascript and e-commerce solutions. His web applications guide customers smoothly through the online purchasing experience. He is a founder of a suite of educational programs built for social networking site Facebook, and his robust e-commerce solutions are found on many top sites.

Office, Tampa, FL