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Hotel property marketing
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Customized sales materials
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Social networking strategies
Custom property search tools
Corporate meeting estimator
Wedding and event estimator
Hotel Marketing
Greystone custom hotel search directory technology
Winning hotel web sites and effective print campaigns. Jump start your marketing now.
Meeting Estimator
Greystone custom hotel search directory technology
Lock in corporate business before the competition can even deliver a quote. The Meeting Estimator delivers 24/7.
Wedding Estimator
Greystone custom hotel search directory technology
This smart tool turns brides into bookings in minutes. Receive pre-priced wedding requests by e-mail in minutes.

Your Secret Weapon

You benefit from marketing partners who bring a broad and deep understanding of the travel industry. American Express, state tourism organizations, independent hotels, and major hotel brands all take advantage of Greystone's custom print and online solutions. Our proven Meeting Estimator technology and the newly launched Wedding Estimator deliver pre-priced electronic bookings to properties of all sizes at one low monthly subscription fee.

You can have the same online marketing expertise and smart-search technology that powers industry-leading sites. Contact Greystone to discover how you can take control of your sales with top-level industry expertise fit to your unique challenges and opportunities.

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